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27 - 31 May | Sexacola 2021

Pensacola Beach

#1 Memorial Weekend Dance Party featuring the best DJ’s, Live Entertainment, Fire Blowers, Rave Room, Go Go/Pole dancers, drag and MORE!

EVERY night, we will be giving away CASH & PRIZES for our EPIC Wet Tshirt Contests!

bikini bottoms

Curve Magazine Wrote...

"It is the largest girl party in the southeast, a title the creators Jami Atlanta and Jen-Chase Daniels are proud of. During the day, upwards of 200,000 LGBTQ+ partygoers from around the nation flock to the 1.5-mile-long free, topless (if you so choose), Pensacola Beach. Everyone parties until the sun goes down, and then the real party begins. The partiers put on their best threads and makes their way to Sexacola at Capt’n Fun Beach Club where the best DJ’s spin all night, the drinks are endless, and the dance floor is packed with the most beautiful people in the southeast."

Image by Adam Kontor

Past Performers


Our venue is located at Capt’n Fun Beach Club in Pensacola Beach, Florida! They are the Gulf Coast’s Premier Night Club and Entertainment Complex. Located on the boardwalk in beautiful Pensacola Beach, Capt’n Fun’s is the largest waterfront venue in Pensacola hosting both national recording artists as well as regional and local bands.

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Where to Stay

We recommend using Paradise Beach Homes for condo and house rentals. The island is fairly small so any hotel in Pensacola Beach, Fl 32561 is good. The event is on the island, across both bridges from Pensacola FL, make sure to put in Pensacola BEACH if you want to stay on the island. Staying in Pensacola is an option, it is cheaper. You just have to cross both bridges to get to the island. Have a safe trip here and enjoy!

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Event Details

Brides and Bridesmaids

How soon should I begin looking for my dress?

It's never too early when you're looking for your wedding gown! A year to 10 months before the date is a good idea, as it may take up to 8 months for a dress that is ordered to arrive.

Do I need an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

Finding the dress of your dreams is our goal! To make your time with us as special as it can be, an appointment is required. This will allow us to plan a fitting room and bridal consultant that will be available just for you!

How long will my appointment last?

An average appointment for brides will last approximately 90 minutes, bridesmaids will be closer to 60 minutes. While this is an average, each bride is unique and the time could be a little more or a little less. Having shoes with height close to those you wish to wear for your wedding day and appropriate undergarments is also helpful in making your bridal experience a joyous occasion.

Is there a limit to how many people I can bring with me to the appointment?

While this is an experience you and your loved ones and friends want to share, keeping your "Gown Gang" to a smaller group, that knows your style, can help make this a wonderful day for all. Larger groups will give you lots of opinions. Your desires may get lost in the mix. We recommend 5 or less.

What if I fall in love with the first one?

This is it! Is it really though? You haven't tried on hundreds of dresses. You haven't even tried on two! Don't be afraid to say, "This is the one!". If you try on a dress and you and your gown gang love it, don't pass up the dress of your dreams for fear of missing out on the full gown experience. You just had it!

What is the average cost of a gown at Bride's World?

Gowns can cost anywhere from $700 to $2500 at our store. Have your dress budget planned before looking at dresses so you don't fall in love with something above your price point!

Are we allowed to take pictures of the dresses?

Once your gown is purchased, you may take as many pictures as you'd like. Please don't waste your valuable appointment time on pictures rather than trying on dresses.

Can food or drink be brought to my appointment?

No food or drink can be brought into the store. This is to prevent our dresses from possible stains. Please contact us if there are special circumstances you wish to have considered.

What's your store policy for payment?

To order a bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses or mother's dresses 50% payment is needed. The balance can be paid in installments. We accept cash, check or debit/credit cards. All items must be paid in full prior to them leaving the store.

When should we order bridesmaid dresses?

Four months is a good amount of time. This allows us to order the dress, receive it, and alter it if need be.

Why are accompanying children not allowed in the shop?

Even though we know they are cute...when you come into the shop for your appointment, we want to spend all of our time and energy focusing on you and not have to keep an eye out for young children. Unless you have an appointment for your child to be measured or try on their clothes, we ask that you make arrangements for childcare.

Groom and Groomsmen

When should we begin looking for suits?

Around 2 months prior to your event.

What is the process for ordering suits?

Once you have your suit chosen, you'll let all the groomsmen know that they can come to the shop to be measured. Once all the measurements are in, we will place your order. Your suits will arrive the Thursday prior to your event.

When do rental suits need to be returned?

All rental items must be returned to the shop by 5pm the Monday after your event.

Is there a late fee for returning items after Monday?

Yes. There is a $25 late fee per day.

How much does it cost to rent a suit?

Our suits range from $125-$240 per suit to rent.

Can we buy suits?

Absolutely! We great suit options!


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