We love our Staff!

My Sister’s Room is proud to call our staff our family & friends! We pride our establishment for its “Fun, Friendly atmosphere and all around good vibes!”



Amanda Little Morsel

Ten years ago I became a part of an experience that changed my life at the door of My Sister's Room, where I had the pleasure of greeting everyone with a smile as they began their unforgettable night.  From working the door, to being a bar back and then a bartender, its easy to see my favorite part of working at MSR is embracing the energy to be yourself without any judgement, in a safe place that I get to call my home.  Now as the clubs manager, I may have more running around to do but I still have the pleasure of mixing drinks and sharing my favorite shot of fireball with all of you beautiful people!  

Lead Bartender

 Skyy, is an accountant by day and a bartender at night. She is known for her hospitality and her phenomenal drinks – a lemon drop is her specialty.  The Baton Rouge native has been bartending over 22 years in Metro-Atlanta. She started working the door at MSR in 2008 and then moved behind the bar to become one of the veteran bartenders and a big part of the MSR family.

Show Director/Everything else

Tiffany aka Jordan Michael's McCord has been apart of the MSR family since 2006! She is not only our Show Director, Emcees and was also voted "Best Drag King in Atlanta" the last 3 years in a row!

Jill Beefcake
Head of Security

Jill Bennett is a longtime resident of Atlanta, GA. She is head of security at MSR and has worked for here for over 5 years.  In addition to working at MSR, she is a physical education teacher and coach.  She enjoys softball and plays on two teams; The Nightriders in the Hotlanta Softball League and Have Mercy in the Root’s Women’s League.  She is also involved in her church, The Gathering Place Worship Center Atlanta.
She loves working at MSR because MSR is like her second family and she enjoys interacting and protecting people within the LGBT community.

Kitchen Manager

Deb is one of a kind being a veteran of the spatchela wielding skills she posses a certain air that brings harmonious culture and laughter to MSR.  As MSR's hidden gem she continues to bring joy to the community with the flare of amazing food for those late night alcohol induced cravings.

DJ KSquared
House DJ
You can find me slinging drinks at My Sister's Room on the weekends, and by day I’m a welder. After being around macho men all week, I love nothing more than the opportunity to ensure a room full of beautiful ladies enjoy their night out as they let their hair down and dance the night away at our club. My absolute favorite part as a bartender is, no matter what, we have the ability to change someone’s night or even week by simply taking that extra step to make my customers smile! Trust me; if anyone ever approaches the bar feeling down, the challenge has been accepted to ensure they walk out with that head high and loving every moment of their night.
Security/ Door

Hello, my name is Tee and I am originally from New York City. I moved to Atlanta about 10 years and haven’t looked back since. I have been working at MSR for the past 3.5 years; I began doing security then moved to the front door person. I enjoy working at MSR because of the variety of people that come here and because of the staff here. We make every customer feel like they are part of our extended family. Here at MSR I have made friends that have turned into family.

Stephen Marshall
Liz Owen

Even though Liz is currently living in FL, but comes back often to DJ. She has been recognized by GA Voice as Atlanta's favorite DJ, SheJay Liz Ellis Owen has kept our Peach City dancing for 15 years. She is know for her diverse music style that ranges from Top 40 , hip hop, EDM, and Trap... a combination that proves to keep the dance floor electrified. Liz has spun for Prides and Womens' events internationally and through out the States. She is a true talent that has shared the stage with Ruby Rose, Havana Brown, Khia, Nicki Minaj, the Ying Yang Twins and so many more!

Romeo Lee
Romeo (Mirna) is MSR's own Prom King. NO ONE loves MSR more! She has worked MCing, performing and anything else to help out for 10+ years.
Bar Back

The newest member of the MSR family. He is fitting right in! 

Jami Atlanta
Owner of MSR

Favorite Quote: "Thousands of candles can be lighted by a single candle, and the life of a candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared" -Buddah

Jen-Chase Daniels
Owner of MSR

Favorite Quote: "I love bread, I eat bread every day...Bread bread bread. " oprah