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My Sister's Room | In the heart of East Atlanta Village

Our Message to you...

From our first day to our present day, we open our doors and our hearts to welcome anyone who choose to enter.

These doors opened for the first time in 1996 at a Midtown Atlanta location by the hands of Susan Musselwhite along with a talented, energetic crew by her side.  After two short years, Susan and her posse moved “MSR” to an eccentric, historical building in Downtown Decatur Ga where it became the” home away from home” for thousands of followers.

This particular space was unlike any other and if you were fortunate enough to have paid us a visit, then you clearly are aware of what we mean! If you weren’t dancing or socializing inside the 150 year old,( former stable)  at the bar, then you were probably strolling in the garden on your way to the gazebo for a change of scenery!

We were lucky to have been able to enjoy this location for almost 9 years until the ground underneath it was purchased by a developer to eventually build new condos and possible retail space. It was a sad time.

It was then that Susan found her partner in life, Patryce Yeiser and together they combined their resources to keep the legacy going. The community came together like a family with unbelievable support. The move was made to yet another historical spot…The East Atlanta Village (EAV) in mid year of 2007. The change in venue has proven to be quite successful for MSR.

We are extremely proud of our longevity and for our ability to continue offering  a warm and inviting environment to our community.

It’s “home” to us and we strive for it to feel like home for you too!